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The Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association unites all persons interested in the sport of harness racing in Ohio into a single association to serve the collective needs of Ohio’s Standardbred horse owners, breeders, trainers, drivers, and caretakers. For over fifty years we have strived to protect, preserve, promote, and serve our members while maintaining the welfare of harness racing in Ohio, but we can only continue to do so with your help and support via membership. The OHHA has two levels of membership:
  • ACTIVE MEMBERS: Any person who is an owner, trainer, driver, or breeder of Standardbred horses who are licensed by the Ohio State Racing Commission, or are active members of the U.S. Trotting Association. As an Active Member you will receive all the benefits of OHHA Membership and have voting privileges to elect the people that will play an important role in the direction the harness horse racing industry takes in Ohio.

  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Any person(s) interested in or directly involved in the Ohio Standardbred horse industry. Associate members enjoy all the benefits of membership except voting privileges. Many horse caretakers, and harness racing enthusiasts fall into this category and it important that you join us because you will add strength to our bargaining power that comes from a large membership.
By becoming a member at any level, you enable the OHHA to become a powerful and persuasive force in Ohio. Federal law requires that all members be informed that approximately 50% of membership fees will be allocated for lobbying expenses and $10.00 from each fee is allocated for the publication and distribution of the annual OHHA magazine that highlights outstanding achievements of the people and their harness horses in Ohio.

The Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association is now able to accept credit card payments via Visa, Master Card, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, and American Express. Credit card payments may be made by calling the OHHA Office at 800-353-6442 or 614-221-3650. Credit Cards can only be used by calling the OHHA Office.

                    OHHA ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE:    Active or Associate Membership - $65.00

OHHA 2014 Membership~Join Today!
Membership is only $65.00~to join, contact an OHHA Track Rep, fill out an application & pay the fee
or click the link above to download our on-line application (Adobe Acrobat Reader required
Print the above form, fill in the information, enclose a check or money order and snail-mail to:
Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association
800 Michigan Avenue~Columbus, Ohio 43215-116

                                                                       OHHA BENEFITS
($4,000 Maximum Coverage)
Provides coverage against damage to expensive equipment warming up or during a race, excluding wheels and discs. Remember, in order for your sulky claim to be honored, the trainer, the owner or owners of the horse, the owner or owners of the sulky and the driver of the horse MUST ALL be members of the Ohio Harness Horsemen's Association in order for a damaged sulky to be covered.

Provides coverage for damages to third person or their property caused by an OHHA member-owned horse. 
2013 Frank Gates Informational Flyer   CLICK HERE

Maximum coverage on horses up to $15,000 per horse and on tack up to $7,500 per owner at a $1,500 per horse rate when stabled at the covered training centers and pari-mutuel raceways in Ohio.

Provides medical, disability and AD&D coverage for drivers and/or trainers warming up or during a race at all Ohio commercial tracks and the Ohio county fairs that purchase the coverage.

Free coverage at Ohio’s commercial tracks. Up to $15,000 per horse and $10,000 per owner for equipment ($3,000 per horse).

Same coverage as the fire and disaster insurance at the commercial tracks (see above) for fairgrounds and training centers that purchase this protection at reasonable rates.

Available for all full-time employees in racing stables and/or breeding farms.

Offers trainers and drivers valuable coverage at affordable group rates.

All policies are available for inspection at the OHHA office.
* These benefits are for OHHA Active members only
How the OHHA Works for Members
  • A retirement program for Trainers, Drivers, and Grooms
  • Onsite representation at all Ohio parimutuel racetracks and many Ohio Fairs
  • PACER-Political Action Committee for Equine Racing presents the harness racing message
  • Representation to the Ohio State Racing Commission
  • Representation to the Ohio Legislature
  • Strength in bargaining because of a large membership
  • Host Fair Officials continuing education seminar to County Fair Officials
  • Publication and distribution of the Ohio Stallion Directory each year
  • Silent Stallion Auction each year featuring breedings to many of Ohio's Top Stallions
  • Annual Awards Banquet honoring Ohio's best people and horses each year
  • Eight monthly Newsletters, quarterly Magazine, and a Website dedicated to Ohio harness horse affairs
  • OHHA helps sponsor seminars on buying, owning, training and caring for the harness horse
  • The services of a knowledgeable Board of Directors and Administrative Staff who dedicate their efforts toward the improvement of the Standardbred racing and breeding industry in Ohio
OHHA Mission Statement
Founded in 1953, the mission of the
Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association
is to preserve, protect, promote
and serve the Standardbred
industry in Ohio & beyond
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